Florals for Fall + First Post

Dress: Zimmermann // Boots: Isabel Marant // Bag: Stella McCartney // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Fall. My favorite time of the year. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping (slowly, I live in Charleston and its still 90 degrees some days), and the holiday cheer is growing! As someone who loves anything autumnal, I fell in love with this dress the second I saw it at Hampden Clothing on King Street. It's the perfect amount of bohemian, classic + casual. I could wear this every day. My style is very denim-y (that's a word, right?), casual + edgy but I love to switch it up and throw in more feminine pieces as well. The shoes and bag compliment the dress perfectly and edges it up a little. These Isabel Marant boots are my favorites and the orange of my bag goes perfectly with the colors of the dress. The silver hardware roughs it up a bit, too.  

A little backstory... I have seriously been considering starting my own blog for over a year. And even more seriously for about the past month. 48 hours before these photos were taken, my friend John asked if I wanted to shoot so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to finally start. It all came together literally overnight. Although it was a stressful day before getting all my outfits together, looks finalized, and website started, I felt so good about my decision and even if just one person reads this, I am so thrilled to be checking this off my bucket list. 

This blog is something I have wanted to start for years and a huge accomplishment to me that I've finally made the first steps. I have worked for various bloggers, designers + stylists for the past 5 years and it seems like the perfect next step for my career. As I was running all my errands for this shoot, I couldn't help but smile because those errands were all for my own blog! It felt so strange to not be doing them for someone else. I'm so excited to share more of me, my outfits, products I'm loving, and my inspirations with you. 

x Lily

Photographer: John Schumacher

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