LB(sweater)D + Staying Motivated

Motivation is tricky. I go through phases of being extremely motivated (working out everyday, getting a ton of work done, being well organized, ect) and then I go through phases of literally not getting out of my bed for two days. That leads me to go down the rabbit hole of stress about not getting something done that I should have. I try to avoid that at all costs. Going on my yoga retreat also tremendously helped me get more in tune with myself + how I can manage my stresses. I've always kind of been a "black or white" person in many aspects of my life. Right now I'm in the motivated phase and really hoping it sticks this time around. I thought I would share my thoughts on this and how I stay inspired. 

Stop whatever you are doing and take a break. Read a magazine, scroll through Instagram, make a coffee. Whatever it may be that makes you happy, do that. Instead of spending the time anxiously staring at your computer screen at emails you should respond to or at a book you should be studying, just take a few minutes to recharge. Clear your head and start fresh. 

I know its a cliche, but exercise works. Give your body the chance to burn out all that stress and anxiety.  I love yoga, Pilates + just walking. It takes my mind off of my stress and anxieties for that little chunk of the day. 

Find a song, quote, blog, ect. that makes you feel good. I love reading blogs. It's kind of like reading someone's diary. I love seeing what everyone's wearing, reading what they have to say or what they have going on in their life. It helps me to have someone to look up to and keep me on a good path. I'm also the kind of person that will fall in love with an album or band + listen to it tirelessly while I'm working. Right now, I am loving anything by The 1975,  Jake Bugg + "Forrest Fire" by Axel Flovent. Michael Buble Christmas is also on repeat. Duh.

Set goals + reward yourself when you reach them! It can be little like treating yourself to a hot chocolate or big like buying yourself a new piece of jewelry or pair of shoes. Even just patting yourself on the back + feeling proud of yourself can be an incentive.  It's so important to reward yourself when you succeed. 

What helps you feel motivated? I would love to know! And I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 

x Lily 

Photographer: Nico Rittmeyer

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