Frayed + Flared

Sweater: JW Anderson // Skirt: Rag & Bone // Bag: Stella McCartney // Shoes: Stella McCartney

 I am loving the flared sleeve trend! Almost every store I go into has them. I recently had a cheeky little Lizzie McGuire movie night with one of my friends and it made me remember how much I loved flared sleeves even as a little girl. It's funny how everything comes full circle. It's also funny how much you are influenced by people you see in movies or shows from such an early age. When I was growing up, I looked up to Hilary Duff like she was the end all be all. She was the first person I saw in concert and someone I will always look up to. In my third grade year book picture, I was wearing a blue top that was adorned with little bows and flared sleeves. I thought it looked like the one she wore at the end of the LM movie singing "Hey Now". When I saw this JW Anderson sweater, that was all I could think about. I also found this top from Zara for $12 that's so similar! All you have to do is add pins. 

This denim mini skirt is also a bit nostalgic for me. I love them BUT you have to be mindful of the style or else you can look like your walking back into 7th grade. Not cute. This skirt from Rag & Bone is so on trend with the uneven + frayed hem. 

I'm also working on integrating a skincare section to my blog. Skincare is something I am extremely passionate about and I take it very seriously. I basically keep Sephora in business. Ha. I am working on my first post so keep an eye out for that!

What trend are you loving now that you used to love as a child?

x Lily

Photographer: John Schumacher

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