Travel Diary: Tulum

WHERE I STAYED // Maya Tulum

WHAT I WORE // Solid & Striped One Piece
                              Solid & Striped One Piece
               Sati Swim Bikini
                                                Elizabeth & James Jumpsuit (Similar)

Hi everyone! Happy November! I can't believe its already here! I feel like the last few months of the year flies by. I'm so ready to start decorating for Christmas and getting ready for the holidays!

 So I recently traveled to Tulum, Mexico for a yoga retreat. It was 7 days of little wifi and lots of yoga... like 5 hours every day. It was easily one of the most transformative weeks of my life. I was able to really turn off, recharge and just get a clear mind which is something I struggle with in my life. I felt like I was able to let go of all my anxieties + stresses and just breathe. I made some big decisions about my future and left with a clear head and totally refreshed. 

I really didn't know what to expect going into this week. I knew the teachers who hosted it and I've gone to yoga since I could walk basically, but I went by myself and I didn't know who was going to be there. I was the youngest there and I'm not someone who easily moves out of my comfort zone, especially with people I don't know, so it was definitely a new experience. I grew up going to yoga and my mom is a full blown yogi, so I'm pretty familiar but being surrounded by "it" for a full week was really rejuvenating. I'm so grateful that I was able to experience this. 

Although, it was a little difficult reintegrating back to normal life...harder than I would've thought. When you're on a retreat thats pretty closed-off to the outside world with no work, worries + wifi and surrounded by like-minded people, its hard coming back to everything just bombarding you. When I got to the Cancun airport for my flight home, I snapped back into reality and felt like a deer in headlights with all the rush around me. And then I ended up having to travel again 24 hours after I got back, but thats another story. I'm still catching up on sleep, work, and life in general but I've found myself not stressing as much as I normally would. I'm actually taking the time to take care of myself and breathe. That is definitely new to me. 

See you next time!


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