Another Monday

Today I thought I would write a bit of a different post for you guys. Today started pretty unfortunately for me in a few different ways. To name one, I went to start my car this morning to go to yoga + get a good start to my week going, but the universe had different plans and my car wouldn't start. Getting your car towed at 7am on a Monday morning isn't fun to say the least. I try to have a pretty positive outlook on life + am a firm believer that you get to choose your happiness even in the most unhappy situations. So, instead of feeling down for too long I picked myself up, made some coffee, put on some good music, + got right to work. My mood is honestly pretty dependent on music + I always feel better with some good tunes on. I grew up with a father who's a pianist so music has always been a huge part of my life. That being said, I thought I would give you guys a little list of songs/videos/ect that I had playing today.

James Bay-Need The Sun To Break

Hozier- Cherry Wine 

Bon Iver- Full concert! So good! 

Borns- Seeing Stars

The 1975- Full concert

Bon Iver- I Can't Make You Love Me

Francis + The Lights (ft. Kanye + Bon Iver)- Friends

Vance Joy- Georgia

Josh Savage- The Boatmaker

Axel Flovent- Forest Fires

Hozier- From Eden

x Lily

Photographer: Nico Rittmeyer

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