Bomber: Needle + Thread // Skirt: Paige // Tee: Topshop // Shoes: Chloe (similar - $30!)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling under a lot of pressure. Pressure to be the perfect friend, blogger, or just the perfect person in general. In blogger world, the pressure to be successful is almost crippling. The pressure has been overtaking me in a way I didn't think it ever would. New responsibilities are piling up and creating a breeding ground for my anxieties. Some might say I'm lucky to be able to start calling this a job, forgetting that everything in the world is relative to your personal situation. Don't get me wrong, I am so beyond grateful for every little opportunity that has crossed my path, but I didn't start this blog for that reason. I simply wanted a little corner of the internet to share my creative style, thoughts, and whatever else I felt I wanted to share. I don't want to ever lose myself in this and I felt myself being suffocated with expectation. So I took last week off from blogging. I just felt that I needed a breather and normally I would have beat myself up for this, with the thought that I needed to post consistently in order to "grow"... but that's the thing. That's not a healthy way to live a meaningful life. I needed to take a breather, slow down and just let go. And it helped. I was able to clear my mind a bit, gather my thoughts + ideas and from there, work seemed a bit more at ease. I don't need to force a blog post if I don't feel like it. 

Make no mistake, I love what I do and want to do it for years to come, but at the same time I've been feeling like I’m living my life behind filters and it's been giving me an uneasy feeling. I'm making a promise to myself right now to indulge in things that make me happy; taking walks, relaxing, and most importantly... being in the moment. Taking in the sunset with your whole focus on that, instead of watching through your phone screen. Being present with your friends + loved ones and not feeling the need to document every detail. And not pressuring yourself into something that doesn't make you feel right, just because you think you are supposed to. 

If you made it this far, I applaud you. Thank you for reading.


Photographer: Nico Rittmeyer

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