Ramble About Relationships.

Being a pretty sentimental person, my friendships and the relationships I have with others mean everything to me. The beautiful (and sometimes difficult) thing about growing up is that you get to choose who you spend your time with. When you're younger everything comes relatively easy, including relationships. In school, you're forced to be around the same people all day and those innocent relationships don't require a lot of work. There's also a terrible culture with younger girls where everything has to be fought over and ending friendships over something small is easy, which I always hated. Some of my best friends are from those years and I know I will always keep those relationships + value them, but we are all growing up + taking different paths in life. Finding people you can really connect with and enjoy being with is a huge part of growing up I think. I absolutely love the people that I am surrounding myself with right now. And I say that because it's definitely a choice. I only want uplifting, positive people in my life at this point who I can grow with, gain inspiration from + adventure through life with. 

I've honestly written out and deleted this post a few times now because I wasn't really sure how to word it, so forgive me if it's a bit all over the place. Sorry to get a bit sappy in this post, but I've been feeling especially sentimental about all this recently for some reason and felt like I wanted to share a few thoughts. 

x Lily

Photos by: Taylor Flynn 

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