Embracing Spring.

Top: T by Alexander Wang // Jeans: J Brand // Hat: Janessa Leone // Bag: BCBG // Shoes: Loeffler Randall

I have always loved seasons that include brisk fall days, all of the holiday festivities, and cozying up by a fire at the end of the day. I thought I was a winter girl, but this year feels different. Spring is in full effect and I am welcoming it with arms wide open. There's an aura of inspiration and whim in the air. The grass seems greener, the fresh blooms smell sweeter, and the sun feels warmer and more welcoming. 

The past few months have been an epic rollercoaster of inconceivable highs and life shattering lows. Just when I am ready to give up, something or someone comes along and gives me a glimmer of hope, reminds me everything will be okay, and to keep following my dreams. A friend recently told me she felt inspired by my blog and what I write. It honestly took a minute to process what she said. I almost couldn't accept that compliment. I don't ever think of myself as an "inspiration" because I am so busy looking at all of the amazing, insightful people around me as inspirations. 

Her saying that was a huge moment of validation for me though. I try to be truthful with my posts and hearing that was so special. I promise to always share my honest feelings with anyone who takes the time to read my posts and to always stay true to who I am. Something in me feels the drive to follow this path so I'm just going to follow my heart and keep on. Anyone can post a cute outfit or product picture on Instagram, but without sharing who you are and what you believe, there's nothing to connect you with that person or know if they're being truthful. And I know that probably isn't everyones cup of tea, but having a smaller community of friends on the internet that I can actually have a connection with is so much more important to me. 

So I am just going to continue to follow my dreams, just like the Spring follows the winter and brings new life to the world. I urge you to do the same. Thank you all for being a huge part of my life and allowing me to have this little corner of the internet to share my thoughts. 

Also, I want to start sharing some other bloggers/people I follow. You guys should check out my friend Anastasia's blog. I connected with her instantly after she slid into my DM's haha. We met up for coffee a few months ago and totally hit it off. She has the coolest style and just the best outlook on life. 

See you again soon. :)

x, Lily

Photographer: Nico Rittmeyer

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