a year later.

me being the amazing blogger i am, i missed my one year anniversary of writing in my little corner of the internet. actually, someone had to point it out for me. if they hadn't, i probably would still be clueless that i passed the one year mark. i thought i would write up a little bit of a different post today. a lot has changed within the last 12 months so i am writing a little letter to lily one year ago.

dear lily,

everything has changed a year from where you are right now. 

get excited. get scared. it's gonna be a journey. 

take it all in. i know you think you have it all figured out right but you are so wrong, and that's okay. you are going to experience more in this next year than you would ever think. your job is going to take you places and introduce you to people you could only imagine. work hard and then work harder than you think you should. 

you will have your first real heart break this year. get ready. it's going to hurt like HELL. but guess what... you are so much stronger now. to be honest, you'll start to feel thankful for him breaking your heart... after you get over most of the sadness. you are SO much more confident in yourself now (insert badass 4 year old mary kate olsen meme). even though you're going to have to experience a heartache that you can't fathom right now, it changed you in the most positive, beautiful way. plus you have a pretty fucking amazing group of friends that will help you through it.

this is the year that you will finally fall in love with taking care of your body and treating it the way it deserves to be treated. i am SO PROUD of you for that. you're allowed to be proud of yourself. it's still a process and always will be but just keep going. and stop being so hard on yourself. cut that shit out.

have fun this year. you're allowed to enjoy life.

love you.

okay i know this year isnt over yet but 2017 has been a year of growth for me in so many ways. it actually makes me emotional thinking its almost coming to a close. im a little scared to let go but i know everything will happen the way that it's meant to. thank you for following along!!

photographer: nico rittmeyer

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