be well.

todays post is all about wellness, loving your body, and taking care of yourself. first up is supplements. taking care of the inside of your body first will show on the outside. here are my favorite things right now for wellness:

Care/of is a supplement subscription service that sends you a personalized box of daily vitamins every month with press from man repeller, vogue, and mind body green. you start off by taking a 5 minute test and it will then give you a list of vitamins they recommend you take. my pack included:

- astaxanthin: a powerful antioxidant harvested from micro algae to promote brain function, heart health, and glowing skin.

- magnesium: a mineral to promote healthy bones.

- probiotic blend: to promote gut health and good disgestion, strengthen the immune system and good for prenatal care.

- b complex: promotes energy.

- milk thistle: good to help cleanse the body if you've been drinking (needed for this time if year especially, ha)

- prenatal: *NOT pregnant* but these daily multivitamins are loaded with vitamins and minerals to help repair the body and give you boost.

- evening primrose: this oil capsule is an herbal supplement made from a flower to help give your skin a healthy glow and even complexion. 

- ashwagandha: an adaptogenic herb that promotes concentration and brain function and is known for lowering stress levels (gimme gimme).

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 I have taken HUM for years, so partnering up with them seems like a natural fit. I started off with the Daily Cleanse, which is amazing. the ones above are some that I have taken for about a month and it's incredible how much of a difference I've seen in my skin and energy levels.

- skinny birdA vegan dietary supplement to reduce stress eating, boost metabolism, curb appetite, and control blood sugar.

- red carpetA beauty-boosting vegetarian daily supplement for glowing skin and shiny hair.

- b12 turbo: needed for increased energy. 

- here comes the sunA dietary supplement to boost sun-craving skin. This vitamin is considered essential for calcium absorption, skin protection, and healthy bones and teeth. 

- collegen love:  contains a unique blend of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and types I, II, and III collagen to support a healthy, younger-looking complexion—supporting skin elasticity and protecting the skin so you can age beautifully.

my favorite hydrating mask to use before an event or special occasion. it gives your skin a beautiful glow and even complexion. highly recommend!!

I burn this for a few minutes ever night while i'm getting tucked up in bed. it smells so lovely and creates a calming energy to help me to end the day on a positive note.

the ahas in this mask help exfoliate and resurface your skin. great for dry skin to get rid of the dead skin cells and helps with break outs too. 

the noir 29 is my all time favorite scent. its an investment but SO worth every penny for me. 

face bronzer... bc winter.

these products are my new obsession. I will never go back. my skin has completely changed since using these. I use the serum morning and night, but at night you mix in the vitamin c booster which makes your skin GLOW. I follow with 3-4 drops of the pure radiance oil (which truly makes your skin radiant). I use the resurfacing moisture mask every other night. it literally floods your face with moisture and creates a dewy, healthy glow. (drink everytime I say "glow" haha) plus they smell SO HEAVENLY!

- serumAn overnight treatment that reverses damage caused by sun exposure and aging. Strengthens barrier function. Improves skin’s ability to retain moisture.

- vitamin c boosterA reparative treatment of vitamin C in its freshest, most potent form mixed with ferulic acid. Proven to stimulate collagen and brighten skin. In powder form to retain potency until the moment it’s used. Mix with serum, mist, or water.

- pure radiance oil: moisturizes, repairs damages, makes skin glow.

- resurfacing moisture maskA facial in a jar. This lactic acid-based mask reveals smooth, glowing skin in five minutes. Moisturizes while exfoliating. Imparts lasting luminosity.

this is the "give me glow" concoction made with ube, ginger, goji, and acai. I highly recommend my nyc readers to stop by this little oasis. its part cafe, part nail salon, and part massage house. its amazing and you definitely leave chilled out, as they promise. 

last but most definitely not least, soul cycle. I have recently partnered up with them and this has saved me on my last trip up to nyc. it was my first time going, in the past I think I have been a little bit intimidated by it, but I was so pleasantly surprised by how welcoming the entire staff was. they made sure I knew how to set up my bike and made sure I was comfortable with every aspect. the teacher were incredible and so motivating and had an amazing energy to them. I left feeling ready for anything after every class I am completely addicted now!!!

photo by: TJ Kelley

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